Ferragosto a torino 2017

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ferragosto a torino 2017


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Skip to main content. Italiano English. The 8th of February's training Technical-tactical sessione with a mixed-ranks match at Filadelfia Stadium. Training Session. Double training at Filadelfia Stadium Rincon with the group, rest for Niang because of a fever. Scheduled rest for Nkoulou.

Click on a image to show all the pictures of a group! The succesfully folk dance group Selva and S. Cristina welcome you! Cristina - Photo gallery of events. Training - autumn

Skip to main content. Italiano English. News Training Session. The 8th of December's training Training session on the athletical part in the gym. Tomorrow morning a technical-tactical session. Training Session.

Holidays and Observances in Italy in 2019

Ferragosto refers to August 15th and up to a week before and after. If you know anyone named Maria Assunta, she was probably born on August 15th! Most Italiani take their holidays at this time, heading to the mountains or seaside for cooler weather.




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