Made in sud 23 maggio 2017

Made in Sud

made in sud 23 maggio 2017

Made in Sud is a cabaret transmission aired in Italy. Contents. 1 The program; 2 Cast. Main The September 23, began the 5th edition, airing Tuesdays always on Rai 2 in In spring Gigi e Ross [it] left the program in favour of Gigi D'Alessio who hosted the .. 8, 3 maggio , , 6,30%, Max Giusti.

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Made in Sud is a cabaret transmission aired in Italy. From Tuesday, February 23, to May 24, will air the 7th edition always in prime time, always on In spring Gigi e Ross left the program in favour of Gigi D'Alessio who hosted the 8th ediction with .. 8, 3 maggio , , 6,30%, [89], Max Giusti.
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These are his reflections on the experience, presented in original Italian below and translated into English. The light on my helmet spreads, soft and misty, almost absorbed by the very high level of humidity that surrounds us. But here it is much worse: even the temperature is high, perhaps not as in the higher galleries where we went to pick up samples, but still enough to make you feel short of breath even without any exertion, leaving us gasping for air and completely dripping with sweat. My delayed flight from Moscow to Rome and then on to Palermo does not dampen my enthusiasm and the excitement I feel at the thought of entering the cave in the morning. But I remember well the feelings that I experienced during training, and the idea of the challenge I will face tomorrow exhilarates me.

Made in Sud is a cabaret transmission aired in Italy. Is also replicated from on Rai Premium. The program also performs the ballet of "Suddine", chosen from among models and original dancers of the South Italy. As of February 28, , has started the 2nd edition, the program is back on the air at the national level, always on Rai 2 and always late at night, with the performance of already known comedians, who have been joined by others from the past editions before RAI, for example Enzo e Sal the incazzatore personalizzato and I Ditelo voi Gomorroide. In addition to the dates of June 6 and 13, , the show was aired live and in prime time with a totally new set design.

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