Dynamo camp open day 2017

Socks with stars for Dynamo Cultivation event

dynamo camp open day 2017

Open Day Dynamo Camp Limestre, San Marcello Pistoiese (PT).

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Over the last years this event has been placed in a beautiful hotel in the center of Milan but this year for the first time it took place in Verona Veneto where Dynamo is not yet so much known. Fundamental the facilitators that helped us in inviting companies or professionals and guaranteeing as much as possible their attendance. Nice and touching the presentations, starting with the one from Dr. Putti from Padova Hospital because it seemed like the young Campers were speaking, being so much adherent to what reported from them, by using the same word expressions…. Surprising the speech of Serena Porcari, CEO of Dynamo Camp, that has reminded the skepticism present at the beginning of the adventure, with the fear of a failure for a project laike this, due to the attitude of the Italian mothers that would not leave alone their sick young childs together with strangers.

It is place where children with serious pathologies become children again. Give great adventures! Here are some activities for which you can contribute in full or in part. Companies are a great help to Dynamo Camp. Dynamo Camp is that place where the sun shines even if it is raining outside… it is the world that I would like…. Dynamo Camp hosts children from 6 to 17 years with serious and chronic pathologies who are both in therapy and in the post hospitalization stage free of charge. Dynamo Camp also offers programmes designed ad hoc for the whole family and programmes for the healthy brothers and sisters in the awareness that an illness does not just affect the sick child, but the whole family.

Campsite check-in starts on Friday the 19th of July at noon. It closes its door again on Sunday the 21st of July at noon. This will give you access to your very own FestiTent, but not to the festival nor its campsite. You have to buy a separate ticket for this. Our hosts will take care of you and show you to your FestiTent. Check-out The same process will take place during check-out.

We are happy to welcome back to the Winnipeg Volleyball Community, Rachelle Lemoine and very pleased to announce her addition to our coaching staff. We are very pleased and excited to announce the addition of Mackenzie Baldwin to our coaching staff for the season. Dynamo Volleyball Club is pleased and proud to announce our coaches With more to come later for the season:. Congratulations to all on a terrific season and thanks to everyone who helped out in any way. Congratulations to our Dynamo Sting U14 team with a bronze medal win at the Provincial Championships and a strong 5th place finish at the Western Nationals in Richmond.

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All activities are centered on fun and regaining self confidence. Camp location is in a wonderful WWF affiliated reserve in Tuscany.



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