Super bowl commercials 2017

Super Bowl commercials: best and worst of 2017

super bowl commercials 2017

Top 10 Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials (2016 Funniest Ads)

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Super Bowl 51 offered a bounty of commercials — some good, some not so good. This politically charged commercial from Budweiser has been causing quite a stir since it debuted during the week. This spot tells the fictionalised story of Adolphus Busch, who leaves Germany for America in to follow his dreams and make something of himself as a master brewer. Go back home! The payoff line? When Nothing Stops Your Dreams.

On any other day, many TV viewers would change the channel or tune out commercials. Some viewers even care more about the ads interrupting the scheduled programming. Despite decreased ratings during the season, nobody expected audiences to sit out the Super Bowl. With so many eyeballs glued to the Fox broadcast, companies paid a premium to reach millions of households. Some businesses validated the massive expense by formulating a creative and memorable commercial. Others, not so much.

It was hard to give a tearjerker the top spot, but this one just hit our hearts in exactly the right way. Images of a boxcar-racing daughter paired with voiceover messages of gender equality cruises definitely made us feel the hardest. And we agree! Cute and fun is the perfect way to describe this ad, which is really what a good Super Bowl commercial is all about. Justin wanted a Super Bowl commercial, and he got one!

10 of the Best Super Bowl Commercials

In the past few years, advertisers have started releasing versions of their TV ads in the weeks ahead of the Super Bowl to build up hype before the big game. The talking dog returns as a ghost to extol the benefits of drinking beers with friends. Another car commercial.

2017 Super Bowl commercials: Watch the latest leaked TV ads, best and worst

There's a lot on the line this Sunday when the Patriots clash with the Falcons in Houston. Most important? Who will take home the win for best Super Bowl commercial. The Super Bowl is appointment viewing each year for football fans, pitting the final two teams standing against each other to determine that season's NFL champion. But for non-football fans, the Super Bowl is also a must-watch experience, if for nothing else than the ads throughout the game.

Super Bowl Commercials 2017: Grading the Best and Worst Ads of SB 51

There are two kinds of people watching the Super Bowl: Those who are actually watching the game, and those who are watching it for the commercials. The result? High-concept ideas, celebrity cameos, and short videos that are memorable in their own right. For those who prefer commercials to, you know, the football, here are the best ones from the Super Bowl. Ever wondered what your faves looked like in high school?



Don't miss any of the Super Bowl commercials that everyone will be talking about Monday.
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