Boss rv 3 review

Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay (JHS Dual Mode Mod)

boss rv 3 review

The RV-3 is a popular professional-quality pedal that can produce reverb, delay or both. It offers four different high-density reverb modes plus three delay modes .

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N ot so long ago, reverb was basically an amp thing. Boss has responded to the challenge by improving on the existing RV-5 with more powerful processing and an expanded palette. The RV-5 has six reverb types, which may have cut it a few years back, but starts to look a bit stingy now. Long-time Boss geeks will recall that the old RV-3 included delay, and some of them will surely be delighted to see its return. Before we get to the sound of the unit, we do need to mention a couple of design shortcomings. A more significant issue is the way the eight reverb modes are accessed via a tiny rotary control, which has the names so crammed around it that fiddliness is taken to a whole new level.

For a few years in the 90's boss adapted a few of there pedals to incorperate delay as well as their main function and one of the results was the rv Good points: 1. Really long delay options. Huuuuuuge reverb sounds and 4 different types. Bad points: 1. Reverb sound a bit digital and sterile at times but you can roll a bit of the tone off with the tone control. Overall a really good pedal and if you can find one i would recommend trying one as it isnt like any of the stand alone boss pedals.

Surely, in the world of digital guitar pedals, newer is better.
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At , in this video, one can see a part of Taylor's pedalboard, including his Boss RV In this detailed gear diagram of Munky's Korn stage setup, you can see the guitarist used a Boss RV-3 pedal in his guitar rig. Michael also used this classic delay-reverb pedals made by Boss back then. I never try this one before And i don't have any idea who still have it nowadays ,so i don't want to give any comment on it. At in the video there's a photo of Deal's vocal pedalboard, including Boss RV-3 pedal.

Made for a guitar, works great for a banjo. I'm very happy with this choice pedal for what I use it for. It give me that added tone that really projects the banjos sound also the delay efx sound pretty cool as you ring out out out that last lick. Description was very accurate. The pedal sounds great, and I would definitely buy from them again.

Discussion in ' The Stomp Box ' started by logan2z , Nov 29, Telecaster Guitar Forum. Nov 29, 1. Posts: I've been thinking about adding a reverb pedal to my board and have heard lots of good things about the old Boss RV I'm not usually an impulse buyer but I figure I can resell it for what I paid if it isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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Impulse Buy - Boss RV3

Boss RV3. Hi, Any user of this pedal Boss RV3? Feel free to post your review. Metallic and shitty. You would be much better off with a Verbzilla or Holy Grail. I have the RV It sucks, but I got it for free.


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As one of the early compact digital reverb stompboxes, the Boss RV-3 had its share of fans and detractors when it debuted in Today, history - and the.
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