Mai più senza scarpe


mai più senza scarpe

MAI PIU SENZA stands for pure femininity, premium quality and extravagant shoe design. Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and outdoor


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Dec 5, Mai Piu Senza is a shoe brand we want to introduce to you today: Founded in , as a brand of the Berlin based zLabels, the sexy shoes.
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Shoes are more than just an everyday accessory. For most women, including myself, they mean a lot more than just a pair of soles to walk on. They kind of reflect our personality, look and attitude. Almost like a business card. The best thing about them is: whatever comes, they always fit. Secondly, they are fully leather, created and produced in Italy.

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High on heels with MAI PIU SENZA


A breakthrough in school shoes from Ascent



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