Survivor series 2017 risultati


survivor series 2017 risultati

TEAM RAW VS TEAM SMACK DOWN at Survivor Series 2017

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Raw SD vs. Roster - All Aiden English. AJ Styles. Akira Tozawa. Alexa Bliss. Alexander Wolfe. Alicia Fox.

Survivor Series is one of the premier sports entertainment extravaganzas on the WWE calendar, and Sunday night, it was the setting of brand warfare as Superstars of Raw and SmackDown Live battled for supremacy. It was the marquee match of a loaded show that featured two traditional Survivor Series elimination tag matches that pitted the men and women of Raw and SmackDown against each other, respectively, and several other interpromotional bouts. An event steeped in controversy, from the Montreal Screwjob to Goldberg's seconds-long victory over Lesnar a year ago, was it once again the breeding ground for buzz and excitement as it has been in years past? Which brand reigned supreme? How did each match grade out? How will the outcome affect WWE programming going forward? Elias greeted the fans who had filed into Toyota Center in Houston, asking them who wants to walk with him.

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The theme of the event was brand supremacy, where all but one match involved wrestlers of the Raw brand facing wrestlers of the SmackDown brand. Eight matches were contested at the event, including one on the pre-show. The card was highlighted by two traditional Survivor Series elimination matches : Raw's men's and women's teams were victorious over SmackDown's. Raw won brand supremacy clean sweeping SmackDown in all six interpromotional matches on the main card. Team SmackDown's lone win occurred on the kickoff show, victorious over Team Raw in the on tag team elimination match.

The theme of the event was brand supremacy, and every match of the main card involved wrestlers of the Raw brand facing wrestlers of the SmackDown brand. Ten matches were contested at the event, including three on the pre-show. Raw won brand supremacy by winning four of the seven matches on the main card. Subsequently, Survivor Series featured several interpromotional matches to determine which was the better brand. This would be the genesis for the theme of Survivor Series , which was brand supremacy. As the WWE Cruiserweight Championship did not have a SmackDown counterpart, it was the only title to be defended, which was on the pre-show.

Survivor Series (2018)

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WWE SmackDown, Raw in attesa: e Randy Orton a Survivor Series



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