Adobe stock cancellation fee

Adobe's "10 Free Images" Promotion: What You Need to Know

adobe stock cancellation fee

Like most designers, I use Adobe. It's industry standard. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership. I've always used a standard, owned.


Chaitra : I understand that you wish to cancel your subscription, let me help you with that. Chaitra : I have checked and see that you have Creative Cloud membership one-year subscription, which was purchased on 18 Jun Chaitra : Before you decide to cancel your subscription, let me give you an offer. Chaitra : I can give you 1 month free subscription which will help you save a months subscription fee and next month of your membership will be free, with your annual commitment. Chaitra : If you wish I can provide you next 2 months free as an exception which would save next 2 months fee for you , If you are willing to continue and complete your current annual commitment. Chaitra : Would you wish to continue with the subscription with 2 months free subscription? Me : The only way I would consider keeping the service is if you could permanently lower the monthly cost.

Adobe Stock will charge you month after month. If you don't use your credits they will accrue up to assets. If you don't want to keep paying the monthly fee, you're out of luck. You cannot download the assets. Don't bother. Total scam and waste of my day. Adobe lures you in to a full year subscription, but since I was a couple of days late with my cancellation they put me up on a full year subscruption, where my only option was to pay a big cancellation fee.

Learn how to cancel your Adobe Stock membership or subscription.
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Caveat Emptor : Be careful what you sign up for. Especially when dealing with Adobe. The following is a transcript between myself and one of their Customer Care folks. I have nothing against the customer care person but I have a problem with unclear Terms and Conditions and being forced to pay money to save money…. I have had a CC subscription for 16 months.

Victory Over Adobe!

We're sorry to see you go! Before you cancel your membership, read the Adobe subscription terms. Caution: By canceling your Adobe Stock subscription, you lose access to any unused licenses.

A Tale That Will Make Your Blood Boil: Cancelling an Adobe Subscription

Have you tried Adobe Stock yet? Adobe's great stock imagery service has a lot of highlights for designers: high quality images and videos, affordable prices that include monthly and annual subscriptions, and the best: seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud apps. That's right: all StockPhotoSecrets readers get access to Adobe Stock's free offer for their 10 images a month, annual subscription. All Adobe images are Royalty Free, so once you download them they are yours to use forever! You never know when such a deal will be gone. Special Deal All new users get up to 10 free images of their choice to use over one month totally free of charge!

Adobe really wants you to try Adobe Stock , and the company has changed the terms of its "10 free images" promotion to make the deal friendlier for users. Launched in June , Adobe Stock is a content service that's integrated with the company's design tools. The "10 free images" campaign gives you one month of the service for free. But until recently, there was a catch: You had to sign up for an Adobe Stock subscription and pay for the first month, and then you'd get a refund. So it was more akin to a rebate than an actual giveaway. Last week, I needed a photo for a blog post, and enticed by the offer of 10 free images, I prepared to sign up. Then I read the fine print and discovered a litany of complaints in an Adobe user forum.

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How to get Adobe Stock Free for 1 Month – Step-by-Step Guide (10 Free Images)





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