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Angelo Branduardi - Camminando Camminando Album

fou de love branduardi

Angelo Branduardi Fou de Love

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While I was looking for some Italian artists I came across Angelo Branduardi, who apparantly had a big hit in with "Fou de love". It reminded me of something, so I checked the liner notes but it just stated the artists name. So, you tell me, am I hearing things that are not there or is this a blatant cover of a song Prince gave to someone else? Singing melody, chords, solo slightly changed, even the background harmonies are copied KlyphIsBackAga in. Prince and his publishing company are responsible for that. I'm sure tracking down obscure covers from foreign artists isn't high on their list of priorites, BUT I think you just helped get somebody sued.

Sometime later it was time to take our seats on the balconies. And so we sat there, I think all of the 4 balconies were filled by Branduardi-ans. The concert it self Starting with Si Puo Fare, his conversations, the jokes. He did look very relaxed, however he told us playing at this time of the day was strange and not easy.

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By Massimo Lajolo It is difficult to consider Angelo Branduardi a typical Italian singer of popular music in light of the classical training that culminated in a degree in violin from the Conservatory of Genoa. Indeed, violin is not a typical instrument of pop and rock music, especially not when played by the writer and performer of such songs. In an interview, he declared that these two instruments actually complement one another: the violin as male and the guitar as female. Over the years, both in live and recorded performances, he played many other instruments as well: dulcimer, piano, flute, panpipes, saxophone, harmonica. He is truly a multi-instrumentalist.

Italian folk-pop icon Angelo Branduardi was born February 12, in the Milanese countryside in a small town called Cuggioni. Branduardi experimented with a few instruments before settling on guitar, playing piano at age six, and violin as a soloist at the Conservatory Niccolo Paganini. He spent some time studying poetry and philosophy in Milan, but not finding satisfactory answers to his questions, he chose to dedicate his time and energy towards music. Branduardi 's debut recording was released in The self-titled work was produced for RCA by Paul Buckmaster , who would go on to be a longtime collaborator and artistic companion. Only a year later, Branduardi put forth his second record, La Luna, produced in concert with Maurizio Fabrizio, another relationship that would last for years and generate many successful records. Throughout the '70s, Branduardi experimented with musical ideas and structures taken from Baroque and Renaissance music, with records such as Alla Fiera Dell'est and Cogli La Prima Mela.

Gent (B) – Capitole

"Fou de love", con testo e traduzione (A. Branduardi)

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Fou de Love


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