Pj harvey henry lee

Nick Cave & PJ Harvey - Henry Lee

pj harvey henry lee

"Young Hunting" is a traditional folk song, Roud 47, catalogued by Francis James Child as . video for "Henry Lee" features one scene throughout; Nick Cave, in the role of Henry Lee, and PJ Harvey, in the role of his lover, singing the duet.

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Nevertheless, her most important collaboration of all was arguably with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for its mythology alone. Nothing seems to look quite as perfect as these two do with each other, almost mirror images attempting to conceal their growing nerves until they become comfortable and affectionate before climaxing in a meek kiss that somehow says more than a televised make-out session ever could. It is like watching all of the emotions involved in an entire romance occur in just four minutes. Fortunately, she did not, instead using the pain to create the beautifully solemn Is This Desire? I gave per cent of myself to that record.

Nick Cave is sitting behind his desk, long of limb and droopy of tache. But instead of cars, Cave is flogging film scripts, novels, lectures and, of course, music. In one way, he says, life is no longer worth living; in others, he says, it has never been better. They were simply railing. The music was cacophonous and spit-furious, and occasionally heartbreakingly tender. They were always going to implode, and when they did in the early 80s, Cave went on to form the Bad Seeds, who were to all intents and purposes his backing band. He took more drugs, drank more, moved from Melbourne to London to Berlin to New York to Sao Paulo, all the time travelling farther down the road to nihilistic obliteration.

Young Hunting

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds:Henry Lee Lyrics

The two were musical collaborators and lovers for a short but memorable time, and both have built extensive careers by reinventing their sound over and over. Harvey even continues to work often with Bad Seed and Birthday Party band member Mick Harvey who, though they share a last name, is not related to her. Boy tells girl he likes another girl better. Girl stabs boy with a penknife and throws his body down a well. In the video, Cave and Harvey are styled to look exactly like each other, as if they were matched at an elemental leveland in many senses, they were.

The song, which can be traced back as far as the 18th century, narrates the tale of the eponymous protagonist, Young Hunting, who tells a woman, who may have borne him a child, that he is in love with another, more beautiful woman. Despite this, she persuades him to drink until he is drunk, then to come to her bedroom, or at least kiss her farewell. The woman then stabs him to death. She throws his body in the river sometimes with the help of one of the other women of the town, whom she bribes with a diamond ring and is taunted by a bird. She tries to lure the bird down from the tree but it tells her that she will kill it if it comes within reach. When the search for Young Hunting starts, she either denies seeing him or claims that he left earlier, but when Hunting's remains are found, in order to revoke her guilt, she reveals that she murdered him and is later burned at the stake. Nick Cave , who covered the song, referred to the song as "a story about the fury of a scorned woman.

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  1. And the wind did howl and the wind did blow [Chorus: Nick Cave & PJ Harvey] La la la la la. La la la la lee. A little bird lit down on Henry Lee [Verse 2: Nick Cave].

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